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In 1988 The Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer® hit the music industry with big noise and surprise. It was THE technology wonder of those years, offering a variety of algorithms no other unit had on the market. It was also a "state-of-the-art" machine, with its 16bit/44.1KHz sampling rate CD specs. The H3000 set pitch shifting standards all future technology had to aim at and introduced Diatonic pitch shifting for "in key" harmonization. Reverse shifter was also another great new tool to replicate old analog psychedelic recordings tricks. In the years Eventide produced several variations of the original H3000, such as the H3000S, H3000SE, H3000B, H3000D/SX, H3000D/SE and the top of the line H3500 DFX-SAMPLING.

All these units are the same machine with a different amount of algorithms and presets available in them and a Sampler board, offering dozens of seconds for sampling and delay lines. In the 1990s the Mod Factory 1 & 2 modular algorithms were added to the line; these are the original modular algorithms allowing the user to actually build his/her own effects structures, including Dynamic control of level, modulation rates, panning, filtering and more. This was the founding stone of the next Eventide totally open platform, from the DSP4000 to the current H8000.

Any H3000 can be expanded to any superior status. Today's advice is to aim for an H3000D/SE or expand any other unit to D/SE capabilities. Contact Eventide for info. If you own a 3500, there's nothing else to add to it. You are in heaven.

The Mod Factory 1 & 2 algorithms are seriously worth the upgrade. They add many new presets and terrific capabilities to the already vast FX array of the H3000.

You have heard this processor in thousands of records and CDs, used by dozens of top musicians and audio engineers. It's one of the great legends of the audio industry and of all music styles. It's a truly magic unit! Its Micropitch preset has been used on guitars, vocals, snare drum, sax . . . anything needing serious fattening.

It truly was "The Next Step" in effects technology.



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Eventide H3000/3500 Ultra-Harmonizer©
Italo De Angelis Presets Library
  ALLAN LEAD #1   ALLAN LEAD #1 (Mod Factory 2)
Stereo doubling and delay. Play distorted mid-rangey lead lines and get Holdsworth thick sound with echo.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ALLAN LEAD #2   ALLAN LEAD #2 (Mod Factory 2)
Similar to ALLAN LEAD #1. This version uses thicker delays and longer echoes.
Fatter version!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  BLACK HOLE 3   BLACK HOLE 3 (Swept Reverb)
Great classic Eventide effect! Created on the DSP4000 and available in all later units, here's a flashback to the mother of them all, the H3000. Finally available on this classic Ultra Harmonizer ®, an immense, deep. 3D modulated reverb you can play notes thru and get beauty out. So…Eventide.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  BPMduckMODDLYS   BPMduckMODDLYS (Mod Factory 1)
Stereo tap tempo pan delay with modulation, eq and level ducked by your input signal dynamics. You'd need 2 TC2290s for this effect only!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Nice symphonic ensemble environment, not too small, neither too large. Good for all gtr applications, from acoustic to electric.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Classic Lexicon PCM70 delay effect. 3 delays tap around you.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
A stereo delay is passed thru a stereo detuner. Detune is also applied to dry sound in parallel so you have a chorus in parallel to detuned delays. The whole thing is then panned across the stereo field.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DynPanMod DLY   DynPanMod DLY (Mod Factory 1)
Another TC2290 emulation. A mono chorused long delay, up to 1.4 sec, has its output panning hard L/R and its modulation rate is inversely proportional to your playing dynamics. So it will speed up in time or when you don't play. Panning speed is directly proportional to your playing dynamics. The harder you play the faster it pans. The right channel output is phase inverted to get pseudo-stereo image. If you are using a stereo mixer, remember that pseudo-stereo signals disappear when collapsed to mono, so use your pan control way spread L/R for the best result.
Use <bpm> for Tap Tempo (or CC#64 Damper Pedal).
The 2 internal delay lines are connected in series so the overall delay time is the sum of both. Envelope 1 parameters control dynamic panning. Envelope 2 controls dynamic detuning of delay trails. Hi and low pass filters are placed in the feedback path.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DynPanTremVbrto   DynPanTremVbrto (Mod Factory 2)
Typical Gilmour FX used on backing chords clean guitar. Great on Rhodes too!
Your playing dynamics control panning rate, tremolo speed and vibrato detuning.
The harder you play the faster those rates will be and deeper detuning is applied.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ENO CLOUDS   ENO CLOUDS (Swept Reverb)
Ambient reverb. Thousands of short delays bounce and get nicely detuned in the distance. Deep and inspiring texture with the classic H3000 tone.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Beautiful detuned & modulated reverb, created by cross-feedback connected delays and detuners. Verb envelope is different from traditional verbs, rising slower than it normally would and decading far and wide. Wants you to play moody.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Another pioneering way of creating chorus. The 2 delays are glided, using the built in Function Generator. This type of chorusing became available in many units in the 1990s. No H3000 preset ever used this technique. This chorus is particularly transparent and clean, resembling TC chorusing.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Well…this is only available on the H3000! This large reverb has resonating harmonics in it. You won't consistently notice them, unless non tuned input transients (like muted strings attacks) are fed to the unit. Inspiring tonal place.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ITALO's SPACE   ITALO's SPACE (Multi-Shift)
Majestic yet soft reverb made with pitch shifters and delays. Cross-feedback delay paths and long spliced reverse shifters multiply ad infinitum. Such is my favorite Eventide space.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
A mono delay using diffusion to smear its attack and create a thick tone. Typical of Lexicon 224 and Pcm70 units, now available on your H3000 too.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Micropitchshifter > shuffle delays. Stereo detuning from the H3000 world famous Micropitchshifter preset is in series and parallel to a stereo delay, set on shuffle time repeats.
Delays are ducked. Use <thresh> and <ratio> (under <ENVELOPE>) to fine tune delays ducking to your system levels. <bpm> controls Tap Tempo. CC#64 controls Tap Tempo too.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Reverse detuned delays bounce and fade away in clouds of sounds. Nice ambient chordal textures are possible with this one. Beauty for guitars and keyboards.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  SO LONG, MATE…   SO LONG, MATE… (Swept Reverb)
Well… it has been a nice voyage thru the sonic wonders of the H3000, my friend.
Here we are at its end. For you I have another reverb with animated modulation and that "canyon-like" slopes and depth. Changing <mdelay> to alter space size will require adjusting <mrate> and <mdepth> for less warbling in the fading tail.
Enjoy ! ! !
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Nice 1980s 3 voice chorus, L/C/R, with animated modulation and some feedback.
Really nice on clean sound chords. Mildly TSC inspired…
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  WILD NOTCHES a>b   WILD NOTCHES a>b (Mod Factory 2)
Stereo flanger in series AND parallel to another stereo flanger! Extremely rich modulation with random sweeping frequencies peaks and valleys. The secret to a beautiful analog sounding flanger.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)