Italo de Angelis



The creative process involved in this project is the result of a long time investigation into audio and computers technology, available to the modern free musician.

No styles or labels kept any pressure on us. A specific mathematic compositional approach thru “fractals” and a computer generated the delicate randomness of the music events in “Temple Of Waters: Numbers Are Dancing”. We enjoyed improvising and interacting with its feel and vibe.

“Hug Chemics” has been a long and hard work into the fine art of sampling and computer sequencing; we ended up with a drums groove shifting form 5/4 to 4/4 in different bars,amused by the BIG sound of Terry Bozzioʼs playing... (ThanX T.B. ! ! !)

Great fun was the beat freezing technique, a real rhythm mangler, all mixed with non synced harmonies and melodies.

All the bass sounds you hear thru the entire cd are ONLY Fabrizioʼs soprano sax samples, played at different speed and pitch... believe it!

All tunes featured an extensive use of guitar loops, processed thru EVERYTHING.

We enjoyed playing guitar and soprano sax thru the following marvels:

Tech21 SansAmp PSA-1, Line 6 PodPro, Symetrix mic preamp, Calrec mic, EMU Esi32 sampler, Eventide Orville Ultra Harmonizer Multi Channel Effects System, Lexicon PCM80, Lexicon MRC, Roland VS880EX 8 tracks digital recorder... and an E-Bow!

Thanks to Aldo Ruggieri for his mics and preamps arsenal, to Aurora and Walter for support and “great food”, to ourselves for standing the extreme hot weather in this italian summertime.

Composed, arranged, recorded & mastered in August 2000 at Italoop Studio, by I.De Angelis and F.Mandolini.


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"Italo De Angelis & Fabrizio Mandolini"
Italo De Angelis & Fabrizio Mandolini
1. Prelude   2'35"    
2. Chimica di un Abbraccio (Hug Chemics)   7'28"    
3. How Are You Today?   2'22"    
4. Temple of Waters: Numbers Are Dancing   6'05"    
5. ... More of It!   2'04"    
6. Swallowed by My Evilish Car Out of a Disco on a Saturday Night   7'25"    
7. Ponds @ Midnight   1'37"    


JOHAN SEGERBERG acoustic bass
ITALO DE ANGELIS guitar, loops, concepts, tech supervision

This project was born from an inner need for a kind of music expressing a wider spectrumof colors, combined together with simpler and disciplined rhythmic textures.

A first answer came already during the recording of “Northern Light” (november 1999), together with Paolo Russo, when Italo first came to visit us in Denmark.

I knew Italo as a very knowledgeable guitarist and it really surprised me when I heard that he was into new ways of generating sounds through electronic processing machines. I was suddenly charmed by the idea of developing a project in this direction, so Astrid and I decided to use one of the school semester projects to make this come true.

We asked Italo to join us as supervisor (vejleder) in this recording; weʼve been emailing each other during all winter and he provided his guide through listening to specific published recordings, in order to get the focus on the colors that the interaction between musicians and machines could generate, moment by moment.

We discovered a huge community of musicians developing new & powerful ways to perform by looping, processing and expanding their vocabulary in an infinite number of directions. They are interesting for their ability perform live, without any kind of preproduction work and still able to produce an astonishing quality of sound, melted with a very human taste for great music.

Still we discovered LOOPING as a powerful tool, in order to learn how to expand and shape our musical ideas and get in touch with an unusual inner spirity reality. 

This aspect combined with quite a strong self discipline, required to properly use the machines, took us to unexpected results collected in this cd.


Jeg Ved En Lerkerede” -
Traditional danish tune processed in different ways: white noise, EQʼs resonance, voices filtered thru resonators and gtr with whammy bar.

Il Giardino Perduto” -
The band plays in a conventional way over a pre-recorded ambient guitar loop and a processed vocal loop.

Where Is My Ass?” -
DJ realtime “time compression/expansion” techniques produce a tasty polyrhythmic unpredictable texture. Actually this is a completely processed take.

Solemn” -
Astrid wrote the chord progression that she performed thru the Eventide Orville, harmonizing her voice and changing chords with a footswitch! So she had the freedom to improvise over it. Bass plays with bow and long delay.

La Luna” -
The band performs traditionally while Italo is producing generic soundscapes. 

All “Fragments” are Italoʼs solo performances, recorded in the studio while he was trying to get just the right sounds and textures for the next tune... they show how vast and meaningful can be the expressive palette of a well processed fascinating musical instrument like the electric guitar IS...

ICHINEN is a concept developed in the 2nd year at Rhythmic Music Conservatory -
Copenhagen DK -
Produced by F.Mandolini, A.N.Lossl & I.De Angelis.
Recorded & mixed on May 2000 by Tim Harris at RKʼs Studio A, Holmen - Denmark.
Thanx to P.Russo & K.Jorgensen. Special thanks to Italo.
Cover by Russo/Mandolini/De Angelis.


You can download and use material from this website.
For any reuse you must mention this website as source.
You can't re_distribute the material available here, only link to it and to these webpages.

Fabrizio Mandolini & Astrid Nora Lossl
1. Fragment #1: Harmony   0'36"    
2. Jeg Ved En Laerkerede   6'09"    
3. Fragment #2: Melody   0'59"    
4. Il Giardino Perduto   4'27"    
5. Fragment #3: Rhythm   1'08"    
6. Where is My Ass?   7'28"    
7. Fragment #4: Resonance   0'57"    
8. Solemn   3'09"    
9. Fragment #5: Space   0'55"    
10. La Luna   6'00"    
11. Fragment #6: Remember   2'57"