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A short but intense trip into spaces created by the ECHO.

Groups of delays are running in series or parallel cascades. Post processing may also be applied to a single set of echoes for dense textural colors. Studio Reel to Reel tape echo is something else you will find here... with its silky hypercombs regular chorusing can’t deliver. Math demons inspire Paradiddles and Golden Ratio cascades... polyrhythmic spatial beds. More math cracks the chorus efx for mild and classic 90° or 180° sweep patterns. And a lot more is available in this mini collection.

A studio class processor, running at the proper voltage for +4dBu line levels, processing stereo signals is what you deserve. Your stomptoys simply can’t deliver this kind of tone and sound design depth. It’s all about accuracy here... not forums fanboys trends. Please run your Eclipse in full wet mode, in parallel routing to your dry signal, thru a line level mixer... for the best results this outstanding piece of hardware is designed for.

If you are interested in purchasing these presets libraries, please email me thru the contact page, here:
Eventide Eclipse: The Cascading Echoes Tales Library
Italo De Angelis Presets Library


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  • TempusFugit
  • EclipseTheDIG
  • DIGseries2
These presets use two sets of two delays in each to create Echoes into Echoes, evolving in a space. Tap Tempo available to get the same efx at any BPM value.
  TempusFugit   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  EclipseTheDIG   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DIGseries2   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • DIGcombs
  • DIGbands
4 resonant delays or 4 multi-band delays delays fall into 2 modulated delays. A highly colored, resonant or filtered echo field is created... and is post processed by filtered modulated echoes.
Echoes and spaces of beauty are possible with these cascading structures... and Tap Tempo adds rhythmic variations to any interesting echoes pattern you may create here.
  DIGCombs   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DIGBands   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • NewCircular
  • Echorus70
The Lexicon PCM70 defined multitap delays for glorious sounds... but it’s definitely time to take those classics to a new level of coloration and textural possibilities. The first one is generated in a different way from the original version. Here dual cascading delays are in action, still creating the panoramic echo in 3 points, around you... but modulation and filtering are added, creating a much denser field of echoes, a true space.
Echorus70 runs within an FDN so the relationship between chorus end delays is more intense as each delay line here adds and takes from each other. If you have or know the PCM70, these versions won’t disappoint you... they’ll actually show you new directions for good classic sounds.You need to move on!
  NewCircular   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  Echorus70   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • DL8R8_Chorus
  • DL8R8_EnoHall
The Korg DL8000R is a marvelous multitap delay like none. Try to find one. These are two presets I wrote for a dedicated library on this great delays factory machine.
  DL8R8Chorus   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DL8REnoHall   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • ContemplEko
6 multiplexed echoes fall into 2 detuners... and you have 2 more echoes and detuners left for your experiments. The “cascade” theme recurs again here. It’s just such a fascinating and powerful technique. You can get lost in contemplating how your echoes dance, their pitches sweep, diffusion grows and finally detuners add thickening to the whole space. A tweaker’s paradise!
  ContemplEKO   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • Echolors
Math rules beauty! Cascading delays set to different close intervals, producing discrete echoes evolving in clusters of micro-delayed taps. One looses the “discrete” in favor of a “spatial cloud” after a while... just let it build the soft stuff from the hard one. The same tweaker as above? More heaven!
  Echolors   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • Tibbetts Echo
ECM master tape & digital echo guitarist Steve Tibbetts is a genius! You don’t know him, do you? Well... time to discover a rare gem. Buy his records. Just do it... you’ll thank me later.
Play chordal stuff into this, relaxed and softly... and let the Eventide grow a space that will put a smile on your face, surprised by its width and beauty. Cascading echoes, modulation and filters. What a great texture! Try a Strat, clean... then dirty... let the preset suggest you HOW to play.
  TibbettsEcho   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • Golden Skies
Your cascaded echoes bounce faster and faster, from ace to space! Math is the secret here. Oh yes.
  GoldenSkies   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • Quadrature
Sine/cosine shapes... or simply a 90° offset in the LFO sweep of a side. Nice sounding silky chorus, never disturbing. Simple but rich. The ear is such an easy device to trick!
  Quadrature   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • Mirror
One up/One down! 180° offset in the delays sweeps and you get this. Less animated than Quadrature, closer to classic vintage chorus tones. Guitars, electric/synth pianos, bass, synths... use anything thru these choruses and you’ll get good sounding modulation effects.
  Mirror   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • TTparadiddles1
This starts complex and evolves into simpler rhythmic patterns, thanks to interacting cascading echoes, better known as correlated delay times. This uses Tap Tempo rhythmic subdivisions you can tap for different BPM values.
I love these paradiddles! You can do so much with them...
  TTparadiddles1   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • R2R_TapeEko
<Taperate> sets the speed of the tape, resulting in longer delay time and filters darkening. This is the great tape echo, rich of combs and phase canceling “artifacts” parallel fixed and varying delays deliver, no matter the used technology. This takes you back to Jimi’s Electric Ladyland days, when Eddie Kramer did all his magic in creating those milestone textural sounds. So rich is the Echo!
  R2RTapeEko   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • R2R Chorus>Eko
This sounds like 4 tape decks in full sync... an impossible task! A R2R TapeChorus runs thru the R2R TapeEko. It’s combs and phases feast for the ears. Plenty of Hot Keys for the tweaker.
  R2RChorus_Eko   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • R2R Cluster
Cascading and tape echoes working together here! Echoes dive into a wide and deep space, a reverberant field of clustered taps. Modulation expands and reduces those taps, creating time, pitch and phase differences interesting to the human ear. Great for chordal playing and volume pedal action.
  R2RCluster   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Artists Delays : Michael Thompson
The beautiful stereo detuned, not modulated, pitch auto-corrected delay Michael has been using on his H3000 for ages. Taken to Eclipse with a slightly different technique, still sounding rich though. A popular YouTube video shows this approach! Just play thru it as words aren’t enough...
  • MT Delays 1
The original sound, based on two delayed detuners... and some more “under the hood”...
  MTDelays1   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • MT Delays 2
This is the Eclipse. It does so much more than the H3000! This version sounds much larger and fatter as 4 overlapping delayed detuners are used. The “under the hood” stuff makes a pretty good show on the display... I like this version better than the original!
  MTDelays2   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • MT Delays 3
This 3rd version uses Multishift rather than detuners. It’s a more accurate pitch shifting algorithm. There is a tone difference too, possibly owed to pitch detection delay difference in the structure. Very nice and detailed sounding shifted echoes!
  MTDelays3   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  • MT Delays 4
Expanding the theme... this is the Multishift variation above in series with lowpass filters. You can shape the tone and get closer to the H3000 (input) filters for a mild darker sound. Vintage. Filters have variable orders you can choose... 24dB/octave or a steep 48dB/octave. Just WOW!
  MTDelays4   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Artists Delays: Tim Pierce
  • Tim Pierce Delays
Tim does this nice stereo echo with the classic Vintage Delays algorithm! I created this algorithm long ago, inspired by the TC2290 filters, which I implemented in a steeper way. Tim loves these echoes in rock ballads as they widen the lead guitar, creating a warm space around it. You need a good sounding guitar and amp and a stereo recording setup to print epic lead tracks thru this wonderful echo.
  TimPierceDelay   (download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)