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The Eventide Eclipse has replaced the legendary H3000.

It's a marvelous jolly good fx processor with many sonic capabilities. Over 100 algorithms can be combined in couples for a mind boggling number of combos.

Great sound mangling tools are in this unit.

Let's explore some of them…



You can download and use material from this website.
For any reuse you must mention this website as source.
You can't re_distribute the material available here, only link to it and to these webpages.

  470 Ambiclouds   Ultratap 2 >Reverse 4 Plex
36 taps delays, with random spacing and levels are fed to a reverse detuned reverb. Any kind of scratch, tap, tick on your strings becomes a sound texture.
Here it's used without dry sound…so you'll only hear the magic it pours out.
No volume swells used.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  Ultratap 2   This is a further experiment with the Ultratap 2 part of 470 Ambiclouds only. Here you can listen to a solitary guitar melody with distinct delay clusters into diffusion.
The tune goes thru 4 different settings of LENGTH, 250/500/1000/2000 milliseconds. Increasing such value turns the delay cluster in a more reverberant space, showing what a single parameter change can do. Ultratap 2 is a place to experiment a lot with.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  804 Bulge Tales   M-ChorusDelays > Multishift 2
The closest you can get to Landau's chorus/delays classic sound.
Eclipse does a good job!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  823 Verb>breV   Diffchorus > Dual Reverse 10 sec.
Check this preset name carefully!
A modulated reverb is sent to a couple of reversed long delays… and comes back at you. You are playing forward AND backwards at the same time.
One of a kind.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)

If you are interested in purchasing these presets libraries, please email me thru the contact page, here:
Eventide ECLIPSE Ultra-Harmonizer©
Italo De Angelis Presets Library
  3CHORUS>MDTUN   ChorusDelays > MultiShift2
A different take to Michael Landau chorus.
Here a 3 voice chorus, panned L/C/R goes thru a stereo modulated detuner.
You can use other processors to add reverb and stereo delays to complete Landau's 1980s rig.
The 3 chorus delays feedbacks help emulating TriStereo Chorus modulation.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  3D PLEX   Large Dly8 Plex
One of a kind "motion" reverb! Its internal delays are panned around in offset positions by the system LFO#1.
You'll hear a special depth of field and stereo animation in this one. Phase tricks simulate PCM80/90 surround processing. 3DRATE is crucial for the motion fx.
For a different take on 3D chorusing, try setting:
LEV: 0dB DECAY: 1% DECAY: 2% DEPTH: 3.5ms T_RATE: 7/16note.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ALLAN CHORUS 4   ChorusDelays // ChorusDelays
Allan Holdsworth chorus-delay preset replica from Yamaha UD Stomp.
8 parallel modulation delays set for chorus and delays. Use clean tone on this.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ALLAN ELSOLO 8   ChorusDelays // ChorusDelays
Allan Holdsworth chorus-delay preset replica from Yamaha UD Stomp.
8 parallel modulation delays set for doubling and delays. Use lead tone on this.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ALLAN ELSOLO 9   ChorusDelays // ChorusDelays
Allan Holdsworth chorus-delay preset replica from Yamaha UD Stomp.
8 parallel modulation delays set for doubling and delays. Use lead tone on this.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  CANYON STRINGS   Reverb16 > Large Dly8 Plex
Stereo Reverb is further extended in decay and stereo sides spread by the Plex delays.
If you turn reverb off (Parameter Menu) a dense cluster of panning delays can be heard. That's extending and spreading the verb! Tons of tweaking possible here. You can come up with all sorts of ambients, from dreamy to earthy, from movies to real.
This tweak is for the moody Stratocaster!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  CIRCULAR DLYS   ChorusTaps
Another legend from the PCM70! 3 taps dancing around your head.
You have the option to add modulation on the 3 delays repetitions for a nice widening.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  CRIMSON SKIES   Reverse Crystals > Large Dly8 Plex
Stunning reverb pad with crystals auto tuned to +octaves, +5ths and +4ths by the system LFO#1.
Your verb changes tuning for an enchanting musical effect.
Great on double stops or chords.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DIFFPANDLYS   St. Diffusor > ChorusTaps
The Pan Delays fed by a stereo diffusor to create that "Lexi" smeared delays you love!
Use [M_DEPTH] to add chorusing to the delays tails.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DLY>4ModDTUN   Loop10 > MultiShift4
Great studio trick to fatten up a mono delay!
Up to 10 seconds delay processed thru 4 modulated microshifters (detuners) that make it BIG!
Detuners are modulated by system LFO#1. Warm, lush wide delay for all applications.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ENO CLOUDS 2   Reverb 8 // Reverb8
Two identical Reverb 8s in stereo parallel routing. Eclipse replica of a popular H3000 preset, from my dedicated library. Nice large modulated reverb, with a special 3D quality in the later reflections tails.
Slightly offset modulation between the 2 reverbs. Try experimenting with series routing and/or offsetting parameters. 2 sets of crucial parameters are presented as Hot Keys for your tweaks.
This presets will tell you how to play thru it!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  FLANGED DLYS   ChorusDelays > St.Chorus
Pan Delays processed thru the FLANGER preset.
Tap Tempo delays and Tap Tempo modulation rate flanger.
Lots of Soft Keys for customization.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  H3000 PLATE   Ultratap2 > 4 Detuners
Ultratap is set to create a dense bright reflecting and diffused plate reverb. Detuners add early reflections.
Bright granular texture plate reverb reminding the H3000 sound.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  HAAS&PANDLYS   ChorusDelays
Dynamic Haas effect (psycho-acoustic panning) with 2 delays in parallel.
Great classic fx for rock lead sounds! You can even use this preset without dry sound.
The panning effect will be more pronounced.
-static Haas fx requires a zero delay on a channel and a short delay (1 or 2 ms.) on the other channel, without modulation.
-dynamic panning Haas fx requires the same as static Haas plus you need to modulate the zero delay channel with a very short depth and some modulation rate. Do not modulate the other channel.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  HAAS>1210   ChorusDelays > St Chorus
Dynamic Haas effect (psycho-acoustic panning) thru TC1210 style mirror modulated stereo chorus.
The stereo panorama is truly enriched by all sort of micro-panning and phase-shifts.
Tweaked for clean gtr sounds or electric piano.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  HAAS+DLY>PHASER   ChorusDelays > Stereo Phaser
Dynamic Haas effect (psycho-acoustic panning) with stereo delay in parallel > all thru stereo phaser.
Sounds better with no dry sound mixed in. Nice micro phase shifts and panning going on.
Great on lead tones!.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  MESMERIZE   Reverse Crystals > Delay 8Plex
Reverse delays into a beautiful large space reverb.
Listen to this carefully. You'll hear a wide stereo spectrum, enhanced by the reverse delays repetitions.
The depth of this reverb is truly magic.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  MIKE IN A BOX3   MultiShift+Verb8 > Delay_DiffChorus
From the H8000 "Michael Landau In A Box" presets.
This is a personal variation on the theme, featuring stereo modulated detuning w/reverb in parallel> all thru diffused stereo delays. It has a more lively detuning effect.
Detuners are Tap Tempo modulated by system LFO#1 at 1/4note value.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  NEW CHAMBER   Large Dly8 Plex > Reverb16
Plex delays provides the early reflections to this Chamber reverb. A lot of tweaking is possible here.
Use filters to simulate different reflecting walls materials such as marble, concrete, wood...
Harder materials are more reflective and high freq. rich, while tender ones are less reflective and darker in tone.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  NEW HALL   Reverb16 > Large Dly8 Plex
Same structure as CANYON STRINGS, tweaked for a real hall space. From ambient to reality.
As already suggested, tweaking this powerful presets will provide hundreds of different reverbs, spaces and delays.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  OSIRIS   Reverse Crystals > Reverb8
The god of afterlife in ancient Egypt. Also associated with the cycles observed in nature, in particular vegetation and the annual flooding of the Nile. This sound is a nice +1 octave dark reverse pad thru a beautiful reverb.
Dreamy guitar playing, moody textures and beautiful chordal enrichment. Life inspired!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  PANNING 2290   Ducked Delays > ChorusDelays
A mono ducked delay with Tap Tempo panning, thru 4 modulated delays.
Adding more delay time to the 4 post delays will thicken/diffuse the ducked delays up.
Panning is set by the system modulation source LFO#1.
Ducked delay needs very careful tweaking to sound right. Each system has it's own routing and levels.
You need to set parameters according to it.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  REVRSDIFFTAPS   Ultratap2 > 4 Detuners
Ultratap is set to 18 delay taps with a reverse contour, then processed thru Diffusion. Feedback is only available if Diffusion is enabled (Dmix parameter). The whole thing is then going true 4 detuners.
Reverse delay/ambience good for lead tones.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  REVERSE CLOUDS   Reverse Crystals
Reverse detuned delays bounce and fade away in clouds of sounds.
Nice ambient chordal textures are possible with this one. Beauty for guitars and keyboards.
Eclipse replica of a popular H3000 preset, from my dedicated library.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ROCK GTR   ChorusDelays // ChorusDelays
A stereo doubling and stereo delays in parallel, without modulation.
Very useful for classic guitar rock lead sounds.
Hot Keys show access to master delay/mod depth/rate and feedback for 8 delays, in addition to each single delay time.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ROTOSPHERES   Diffchorus > Reverse Crystals
A beautiful modulated ambient reverb is processed thru a stereo reverse slightly detuned delay with offset time values.
You get a lush space with alternate panning reverse waves of ambience coming back at you, the rotospheres.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  SHIMMER   MultiShift2 > Dense Room16
The classic Eno/Lanois octaves staircase effect into a beautiful large reverb.
This has a more modern tonal character than the original one.
Still it is very inspiring and dreamy.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  STAGE & SIDES   Reverb16 > Large Dly8 Plex
Reverb into late reflections network.
This preset simulates the stage depth and width, with added reflections from the sides and back walls.
Tweak it for many different spaces simulations.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ULTRA EDGE TAPS   UltraTap2 // UltraTap2 : DUAL MONO Routing
This is a new take on a classic Eventide multitap delay.
2 parallel mono Ultrataps, using 9 delay_taps on the left channel and 18 on the right one, are diffused and fedback for nice rhythmic ambience.
Play thru this simple 2 or 3 strings arpeggios, with clean tone. Try to play in time with the delays and you'll get a dozen guitars parts out of your axe!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ULTRAVERSE   UltraTap2 > Reverse Crystals
18 spread delay taps are diffused and processed thru 2 detuned long reversed delays.
The effect is a verby pad that takes time to rise and decay… so playing accordingly is a good choice.
Very nice with bright clean guitar tones. Desert guitar texture.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)

Eventide ECLIPSE Ultra-Harmonizer©
Italo De Angelis The Blue Library: DELAY

The Blue Library is a collection of presets dedicated to digital delays!
You'll find just about any kind of delay in here, including sweet analog sounding ones, with input stage soft clipping and limiting…from the legendary early '80s DDLs units.

These audio examples are recorded at 24bit/48KHz resolution.
You can download the original files or listen to streaming audio at 320kbps.
Please, please, please…use a high quality set of speakers or high end headphones.
Those computer or, worse, laptops squeaking holes won't give justice to the Eclipse audio quality and respect to your ears!

  PCM42   PCM42
The Digital Delay! Lexicon early ‘80s masterpiece set benchmarks in its field. Even better spec_ed wonders, such as the TC2290, can’t match its warmth and particular modulation engine. Sample rate variations techniques created those lush sweeps no other units has. This emulation is mostly concerned with the tonal response and sound fatness of the original.
A mono delay with self explanatory Soft Keys...and Tap Tempo.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  Two42s_Dly   Two42s_Dly
Here’s a rack with 4 PCM42s! 2 are set to a thick & lush chorus, the other 2 cover the stereo delays.
Massive warm old style “echorus” tones.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
You can’t get an analog delay from a digital one, right?
Well...check this preset and creamy echoes will wrap your head. I swear!
Very easy (and effective) SOFT KEYS for total control of the cake...
Wonder what this would sound like, feeding Eclipse to a VERY high end A/D & D/A converter!.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
A mono clipping delay...
Most SOFT KEYS are easy to understand. These are the most crucial ones:
<DRIVE> controls the amount of distortion. Be a good boy! No need for heavy metal echoes.
<HICUT> rounds the high frq. content of the distortion. Very useful!
<FILTER> adds character filtering of the preamp.
<FREQ> and <Q> set the filter and tune the final sound of your delays.
More tweaking available in the Preamp parametric EQ and using the Flux parameter.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Still a mono soft clipped/limited delay with a deeper tweaking potential in the SOFT KEYS.
Many of them are the same as in the previous preset. But more are offered:
<CURVE> selects the distortion behavior of the clipping. Any choice here is higly interactive with all other parameters, particularly with <GRUNGLEV> and <DRIVE>. Any change needs adjustments all over.
<BITE> is the flux control. Emulates the rectification, making distortion harsher or mellower.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ADV(anced) GRUNGE DLY2   ADV(anced) GRUNGE DLY2
Applied here to a clean guitar. You can hear the soft clipping better.
Sounds very, very 1980s.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
A modern version of this vintage concept delay, using a 4 taps delays plex. Beautiful bounces!
You get all the parameters for the deepest mods in the U.I. and, as before, a truly powerful parametric EQ is available for ultimate tone shaping of the delays... just EDIT it!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Diffusion feeds 4 delays and filters for tonal shaping. Try using math correlated Feedback delay and length values for the best rhythmic results. The same applies if you are using long delay values in the diffuser delays, as in this preset. The magic is all into this interaction of 4 into 4+1 delays!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Up to 20 seconds mono delay feeds a 4 modulated delays plex.
The trick here is about how you set the long delay value against the 4 delay taps.
And the long delay <FBACK> interaction with the plex <DECAY> (its feedback) is what generates even more spacial evolution of the repetitions.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
4 voice chorus into 4 band delays. The modulated delays are processed thru band-pass filters swept by the LFO. You will perceive panning here but it’s just the way filters are swept that creates the illusion.
Soft Keys offer anything you need, including filter sweeping rate and Tap Tempo.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
4 modulated delays are tone shaped thru a low-pass filter on the left channel and a high-pass one on the right. Filters are then swept by an LFO. Psycho-panning and highly colored echoes sweep around. Great electronica effect, heard in many contemporary recordings, on just about any source... from drums to synths, guitars and vocals. The customary set of Soft Keys is available along with Tap Tempo sync.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
4 chorused delays set to Ping Pong polyrhythms swim in a medium-large reverb.
Nice animated modulation on the delays and warm tones make this preset suitable for many applications.
Great on keyboards and guitars. Echoes live in time... and space.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Ping Pongin’ polyrhythmic modulated delays feed multivoice micro-detuning for extra thick textures. Detuners are set to 0 ms. delay to get a special “flangey” phase notched sound quality... a neat pitch shifting artifact. All tweaking stuff available in the Soft Keys zone. Please help yourself!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Gilmour frequency shifted tones! 2 taps delays are processed to a medium rate “ring modulator” for those swirling textures the Floyds axeman is famous for. Use hot output levels for the Eclipse or boost them a bit.
Parallel dry and wet levels should be at the same exact values. Sounds great without dry too!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
4 equally time spaced delay taps are diffused and sent to 4 detuners set to 0 ms. delay for juicy “flangey/phasey” tone colors. Detuning is also swept by an LFO to add dynamic pitch shifting, rather than static.
Classic tones from the H3000/PCM42/PCM70 days!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Up to 20 seconds mono delay is band filtered for warm sounding tones and space swept, in a strange dual axis 3D zone. A perception of left & right movement AND center depth changes is tricking the ear... actually the brain! It’s all about floating here...
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
4 taps delays are diffused and processed thru dual modfilters, swept by an LFO.
Phases ovelapping between the 2 filters give this preset a tri-dimensional space sound.
All needed parameters are in the Soft Keys.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
4 “liquid” sounding chorused delay taps are fed to the UNDULATOR!
This is a complex engine where delays, pitch, tremolo and vibrato fx are combined in unpredictable ways.
According to how you set its parameters you’ll get more of a pitch mangler or an evolutive reverb generated by pitched delay taps. It’s something you want to spend your time on... with highly interactive parameters. Here the mod_taps grow into a seond layer of ambience, fading in the distance. Not a verb, not a delay... WHAT is IT then?
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
A mono up to 10 seconds delay dives into the UNDULATOR!
Echo gets a wide ambience, depending on polyphony and playing dinamics.
I know it sounds crazy... but you try it for yourself and join the “mental club”!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
A stereo version of the previous preset. UNDULATE YOURSELF ! ! !
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
The kind of sounds you won’t ever find in nature. A stereo delay feeds a reversed identical one and you get
mirror delays after a while. The <MIX1> and <MIX2> Soft Keys blend reversed delays in. So much you can get out of this, tweaking its nuts & bolts.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  BelewthiZer   BelewthiZer
Inspired by Adrian Belew 1980s gtr-synth tones, this preset will turn your guitar into a synthesizer!
A polydriver feeds its band distortion to a dual voice pitch shifter in series with a reverb. Quite a mouthful of things to say... You get a nasty squared wave tone with a 5th and a detuned slapback delay on the right, all verbed up. Mix your dry gtr with it and get into angular lead lines.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
A stratospheric plex reverb feeding reverse crystals.
With just about the perfect blend of pitch, this spectacular reverb has some tasty 5ths resonance adding color to its harmonic content. It’s a tale of a distant planet with inverse gravity...
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
The UNDULATOR strikes again! A dynamic delay/verb/tremolo/detuned beast feeds the inverse crystals, staircasing up in 5ths. Words can’t really tell you more. Gotta try with different touch on your strings.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)