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The Eventide H8000FW!

2 DSPs in a single unit to manage 2 huge presets at the same time or a monolithic single monster one.
8 channels audio for any mono/stereo/quad/multichannel or surround 5.1 audio.

A completely open platform where >YOU<, the end user, can be your own algorithms engineer, building structures with Vsigfile editor.
Almost 2000 algorithms/presets (they are the same on this platform!) already available on board. Almost 4 and half minutes of delay memory, 3 minutes sampling memory.
The whole Eventide history and more…in a single machine…and FireWire connection to use it as an audio interface to your Mac/PC.

Check the company website for more info on this unique monster unit.



You can download and use material from this website.
For any reuse you must mention this website as source.
You can't re_distribute the material available here, only link to it and to these webpages.

  PlexDiffVerb   PlexDiffVerb
A new reverb! This doesn't exist in the factory library. It's built with diffusers and diffchoruses to add modulation and plex and has a particular envelope, different from traditional reverbs. The space produced by this three_dimensional cluster of short delays is really hard to find in other units.
The track has generous verb level to make you hear its depth and space. I played and rested a lot with that in mind. Download the hires .AIFF file to really hear what this cool verb can do.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)


Welcome to a stunning 80 presets extended collection for the Eventide H8000/H7600 Ultra Harmonizers© Including:
- new amazing textural delays/verbs based on a much improved DL8000R structure, including the “Himalayas” reverbs
- SPACES from the Lexicon PCM80! Textural verbs created w/multitap delays
- BAND MOD DELAYS, a new efx never previously available on any machine
- BAND MOD DELAYS PLEX, a unique Eventide structure thru the mighty Plex
- "SHIFT THE SHIFTER" new algorithm for spectacular new multitaps dlys and pads!
- a selection of presets from the Eventide Eclipse Blue Library : DELAY
- a selection of presets from the Korg DL8000R Library

The variety of delays, multitaps and “reverbs based on delays” included in this library has never been offered before on any digital processor.
Accurate analog warm echoes emulations, input stage clipping early digital delays, filtered and filter swept modern delays, psycho-acoustic treatments, reverbs and delays in different routings, pitched echoes, multitap modulated and filtered delays, classic Eventide and Lexicon delays, crosstaps delays, new spectacular 3D deep sounding reverbs created with delay algorithms, BandModDlys... why nobody thought about this before? Then take and mangle it thru the classic Eventide Plex structure for more delay into verb evolutions.

“Shift the Shifter” is the final icing on the cake! Series and parallel shifters are the trick to never heard before detuning, delays and pads, multitaps and fractal rhythms and arpeggios tricks... all with a nice reverb if you need it.

This library is fully compatible with Eventide DSP7000/DSP7500/ORVILLE Ultra Harmonizers, running on their last firmware, V3.002.
If your unit is on an older version, you are missing A LOT!
Contact Eventide (or me) to get the latest OS.



You can download and use material from this website.
For any reuse you must mention this website as source.
You can't re_distribute the material available here, only link to it and to these webpages.

If you are interested in purchasing these presets libraries, please email me thru the contact page, here:
Eventide H8000 Ultra Harmonizer© Multi-Channel FX System
H7600 Ultra Harmonizer©
Italo De Angelis "TIME & SPACE TEXTURES" Presets Library

Audio clips are available as downloadable 24bit/48KHz high resolution files and streaming 320k MP3s.
Please make yourself a treat by using some good speakers or headphones!
Your computer speakers totally SUCK!!!


The following presets are based on an improved design of the Korg DL8000R algorithm, including LFO swept filters and diffusers in the feedback paths and the capability to use Tap Tempo and delays modulation together which can’t be done on the Korg unit.
A spectacular series of very inspiring textural “Himalayas”echoes/verbs are a result of these improvements.
Look for the *Hmly* logo. Enjoy!
  ANNAPURNA (Hmly)   The magic of modulated, band filtered, diffused multitap delays! Clusters of delays pan and grow in smeared clouds, fading in a midrangey aura. Complex evolving echoverb texture, hard to create elsewhere.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ECHOPLEX   Warm panning taps with short delays sounding very ‘70s.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ECHOVERBOLUTION   The fast panning taps create beds of reverb... and you keep playing with your delays while the older echoes are now a verb.
Echo becomes ambience.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ECHOWEB   Cool rhythmic taps, panning and chorused. Sparse playing goes verb. Staccato has more echoes goin’on, eventually verbing out.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  LAYERMATIC   This is a one-of-a-kind beast! Tight and spread waves of delays keep feedback for long time, loosing attack intensity thanks to diffusion and getting more band-passed in time. Very ambient texture that lives for long... thanks to evolving delay layers.
For your next movie!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  LHOTSE (Hmly)   Another highlands reverb with waves of intensely smeared delay taps. Deep and wide ambience.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  NANGA PARBAT (Hmly)   3D aerial reverb with great depth of field. The diffused taps create a thick midrange reverb, mildly swept by the LFO. Feels like flying over the Himalayas.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  SHISHAPANGMA (Hmly)   A vast reverberant space with panning delay clusters surviving and eventually smearing into the cloud.
Deep... wide... infinite.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  TIMEZONES   Alternating rhythmic filtered delays clusters, great for rhythmic staccato playing.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  VERBORUS   A chorus, a multitap delay and a highly reflective reverb, with a vintage sounding quality.
Great multi-fx with a special tonal color.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)


The trick to ambience from delays here is to play with short delay times, offsetting them.
Work with diffusion then and add careful input filtering and feedback paths coloring to add the warmth.
Generous feedback, phase games and soft levels add the final magic.
A lot of possibilities here!
  SPACE 1   Delays and diffusers work together defining a huge space. A thing of beauty typical reverb algorithms cannot design.
Notice the mid-high aura being detuned and swept across the stereo field.
Chords bloom thru this three-dimensional reverb.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  SPACE 4   The closest to a classic reverb of the bunch! Still deep and animated by panning delay clusters, diffused and chorused.
Let chords ring, being a piano or a guitar... and enjoy the cloud they fade thru.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)


  BANDMODELAYS   Several units offer Band Delays effects but none with delay modulation. Why nobody thought about this before remains a mistery to me.
This is a nice rhythmic multitap with hi-Q resonant band filters and chorusing. A very changing in tone, pitch and panning effect.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  BANDSPACE   Delay taps define a tight reverberant space with a high reflective tonal quality. Something in between a spring and a plate reverb, with modulation. Definitely different from most reverbs.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)


  BANDMODDLYSPLEX   The chorused Band Delays interacting inside the classic Eventide Plex! Another new effect.
Rhythmic chorused taps are band passed and their resonance in the midrange frequencies increases with time.
Play this in time and use Tap Tempo.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ECHOREC 2   Long and short chorused band delays alternate, while tone gets warmer in time.
Play staccato for cool rhythm stuff or sparsely for colored chorused echoverb.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  FRACTALS   Dig these odd & even rhythimc subdivided delays, with modulation and band-passed character.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  FRACTALS 2   Similar to the previous preset, with different rhythms and longer feedback. Plex makes it verby!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)


A word on this new amazing effect! 2 shifters feed two other shifters each, then all are filtered and sent to a verb in parallel. A final mixer sums them all. When you pitch shift a pitch shift, the formant you are dealing with is no longer natural. More of a synthetic one.
This helps creates different sounding shifted tones. We’re not searching for tonal fidelity here... only for a new quality, more defined, stronger and aggressive... almost synth-ish! A lot of different possibilities here... from arpeggios to counterpoints, amazing pads and spectacular chorus/detuning with realtime pitch correction to balance even extreme detuning effects, great multitaps delays and a lot more...
  CHORDS PAD2   Eight/quarter and half notes stereo delays create waves into this hall reverb. Detuning and filtering add the magic.
Your swells get a lot of energy from the delay waves and last longer in the verb.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  CHORDS PAD2B   Similar to the previous one… wider, larger...
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  COUNTERPOINT 1   4ths & 5ths with delayed octaves and 5ths. Delays are set to rhytmic fractals for counterpoints effects.
Know your scales, harmony and intervals with this one! Single notes playing, please.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  MTAPDETUNERS   3 stereo rhythmic subdivisions delays with a spectacular warm tone detuning.
One of the best presets in this collection! Your chords sound so good thru this MultiTap Detuners... one of the best "echorus" you can imagine, with a really nice reverb on it.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  MTAPDETUNERS 3   6 different delays fractal subdivisions with more detuning and realtime pitch correction of it.
Add verb for glory. Great for comping and pads swells.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  MTAPDETUNERS 4   Polyrhythmic delays fractal subdivisions with intense detuning and realtime pitch correction of it.
Guitars and keyboards sound majestic thru this one. A real thing of beauty!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  QUARTAL PAD   This ends the collection with a solemn touch!
A quartal shifted huge warm verb, great for single notes swells. Chords won’t fit. Enjoy your Eventide!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)


  ANALOG FAT DLYS   You can’t get an analog delay from a digital one, right?
Well...check this preset and creamy echoes will wrap your head. I swear!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  4_AQUATAPS   4 "liquid" sounding chorused delay taps are fed to the H3000 UNDULATOR!
This is a complex engine where delays, pitch, tremolo and vibrato fx are combined in unpredictable ways.
According to how you set its parameters you’ll get more of a pitch mangler or an evolutive reverb generated by pitched delay taps.
It’s something you want to spend your time on... with highly interactive parameters.
Here the mod_taps grow into a second layer of tremmed ambience, fading in the distance.
Not a verb, not a delay... WHAT is IT then?
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  4DLYS>4DTNS   Ping Pongin’ polyrhythmic modulated delays feed multivoice micro-detuning for extra thick textures.
Detuners are set to 0 ms. delay to get a special “flangey” phase notched sound quality... a neat pitch shifting artifact.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  AMBIDELAYS   4 modulated delays are tone shaped thru a low-pass filter on the left channel and a high-pass one on the right.
Filters are then swept by an LFO. Psycho-panning and highly colored echoes sweep around.
Great electronica effect, heard in many contemporary recordings, on just about any source... from drums to synths, guitars and vocals.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
Grunge Delays (with Soft Clipping and Limiting)
Enter the analog input stage madness! People want it back! Listen!!!
The magic of the old digital tones was often in the input stage. Preamp, filtering and limiting were true character shapers for the product.
We all know how a Lexicon PCM42 or the an Eventide H3000 sounds like, in terms of warmth, soft clipping, thickening capabilities and musicality!
Here the DISTORTION PREAMP is used to add that tiny clipping, character filtering and limiting.
Tweaking the thing has been a long tale of desire and pain... worth every minute of it.
  GRUNGE DLY   A mono clipping delay...
These are the most crucial parameters:
DRIVE controls the amount of distortion. Be a good boy! No need for heavy metal echoes.
HICUT rounds the high frq. content of the distortion. Very useful!
FILTER adds character filtering of the preamp.
FREQ and Q set the filter and tune the final sound of your delays.
More tweaking available in the Fuzz parametric EQ and using the Flux parameter
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ADV GRUNGE StDLY   Stereo Grunge Delays, with feedback paths types (self or crossed), delay high and low cut filters added. More colors!
Try playing with FILTER, FREQ, Q and FLUX to change the whole delay character into a different one.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  GRUNGE MTAPS   A modern version of this vintage concept delay, using a 4 taps delays plex. Beautiful bounces!
You get all the parameters for the deepest mods in the U.I. and, as before, a truly powerful parametric EQ is available for ultimate tone shaping of the delays... just EDIT it!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DLY>MULTITAP   Up to 20 seconds mono delay feeds a 4 modulated delays plex.
The trick here is about how you set the long delay value against the 4 delay taps.
And the long delay FBACK interaction with the plex DECAY (its feedback) is what generates even more spacial evolution of the repetitions.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  HALL//DLYS   A large plex reverb set to “hall” and 2 delays are routed in parallel. Many rock productions favor this routing for these very popular effects.
Nice on solos...avoiding long echoes and verb tails summing.
Everything stays clear and focused.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  HALL>DLYS   Same as the previous preset but routing is now in series. Verb tail is thicker than normally would be.
Notice the differences between series and parallel verb+delays effects and experiment to find your flavor.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ROOM>DLYS   A “room” reverb goes thru 2 delays, slightly offset in time. Hicut available for both reverb and delays.
Very “in your face” sound, great for just about any lead instrument or main vocal track.
Delays here keep the ambience of the room alive, sounding as an extended tail of the verb. Nice studio trick!
Try to get the right amount of delays in your space.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  HUGE PCM42s   Stereo big fat PCM42. With Tap Tempo.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  TWO42s+DLY   Here's a rack with 4 PCM42s!
2 are set to a thick & lush chorus, the other 2 cover the stereo delays.
Massive warm old style "echorus" tones!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  THE5thPLANET   A stratospheric plex reverb feeding reverse crystals.
With just about the perfect blend of pitch, this spectacular reverb has some tasty 5ths resonance adding color to its harmonic content.
It’s a tale of a distant planet with inverse gravity...
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  PSYCO3dDELAY   Up to 20 seconds mono delay is band filtered for warm sounding tones and space swept, in a strange dual axis 3D zone.
A perception of left & right movement AND center depth changes is tricking the ear... actually the brain!
It’s all about floating here...
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  UNDULECHO   This mono warm delay goes thru the H3000 UNDULATOR for post-processing.
After the second echo bounce you start hearing tremolo and fast dynamic panning, depending on your input dynamics.
Highly interactive effects are possible here. Try!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)

from the KORG DL8000R LIBRARY

  500ms MODDLY   Half a second delay with spectacular modulation going on. Chorused echo on the verge of flanging.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  AMBIENT GTR 2   Eventide plex style multitap modulated delays... without the Plex!
Echoes pan in wide and narrow stereo fields, at different times.
Play sparsely sustained notes and your delays create a detuning verb aura of singular beauty.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  BIO DELAYS   Hyper comb-filtered stereo delays with an organic flanging texture.
The feedback has bandpass filters swept by the LFO, reducing their echoes life span. Change delay times manually if you need longer ones.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  CROSSTAPSDLY   Quite modulated multitaps delays with cross-feedback paths create polyrhythms and fade out in a distant ambience.
Nice blend of delays, chorus, rhythms and verb.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DETUNED SPACE   Another beautiful vintage midrange sounding reverb!
Clusters of modulated delays are fed-back to a sweet stereo band pass filter and a great detuned aura rises and fades in a midrange dusk.
The power of multitap delays in their lo-fi fascination!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  ENO HALL   Enter the ambient master mind! So 224XL sounding, even though crispier.
Nice midrange textural reverb made of hundreds of repeating taps. Modulation moves the heart.
Sustained notes take off to a distant cloud.
Very few DSP processors can do reverbs like this and the Eventides are ambient kings!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)