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In 1996 Lexicon designed a new multi-fx machine as a modular architecture for the first time in its history, moving away from the multi-voice fx paradigm of the 224XL>PCM70>PCM/81. Several fx blocks, each containing a library of specific fx, can be inserted and routed to create the final algorithm a preset will be based on. The 2 DSPs work on different task: an ADSP2100 chip takes care of the fx while the custom made Lexichip2 is dedicated to classic Lexicon reverbs. No matter what you use as fx, a reverb will always be available if you need it.

The fx engine is somehow underpowered and you can't really insert several fx at the same time. Pitch and Chorus fx can't be used together as an example. The later MPX-G2 solved the problem with a more powerful chip for the fx section. Nevertheless the MPX1 can calculate some very interesting effects, often with an analog-like texture in the modulation dept.. Thanks to the neat trick of delays feedback path insertion, any effect can be placed within the delays feedback; something only available on extremely expensive products. This feature is the most desired way to create spectacular processed delays, inserting chorus or filters or detuners or a combination of them. The fx have their own sound and structures while the reverbs come from the legendary PCM80, even though in a reduced parameters allowance, avoiding competition with the higher end PCM line.

The MPX-1 offers a long list of great features: Tap Tempo, full MIDI implementation, a MIDI Arpeggiator, a spectacular section of modulation sources to add life to your effects, S/Pdif digital I/O, Tap Tempo, pedal and footswitches inputs, true stereo I/O w/balanced wiring and remote power for a MIDI pedalboard thru the MIDI IN connector.


These audio examples are recorded at 24bit/48KHz resolution.
You can download the original files or listen to streaming audio at 320kbps.
Please, please, please…use a high quality set of speakers or high end headphones.
Those computer or, worse, laptops squeaking holes won't give justice to the Lexicon MPX-1 audio quality and respect to your ears!

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Lexicon MPX -1
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Modulation FX

  LIVING CHORUS (thru PCM81 "A 480 Beauty")   Very nice chorus for clean tone comping. Notice the internal panning the Aerosol adds to the modulation.
A feature of some vintage units was chorusing and panning in the same effect. It's back and alive.
This is an FM chorus: LFO1 modulates the 2 chorus LFOs and LFO2 modulates their depths.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  MEMORY FLANGER (thru PCM81 "Believe Me!")   As in the Living Chorus you get to hear internal panning of some modulated delay lines. Feedback adds the flanging effect, rich with notches and phase shifting.
Sounds very classic and vintage too.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  PRIMETIME CHORUS (thru PCM81 "Space 2")   Dual short delays thicken the stereo chorus effect, adding dimension and character to the effect. Typical of the old digital delays machines when used for stereo chorusing. They would add a thicker texture with doubling. The audioclip starts dry… you'll hear the fx when it kicks in.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  SUPERCHORUS   Chorus and panning work in tandem again. Here there's a touch of phase cancelling that sounds like some classic '80s chorus units from Japan. Nice tweak you can add to a more elaborate preset, including other effects.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  SUPERCHORUS_2   The Superchorus again!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  SUPERCHORUS (and SPATIAL ECHO)   More Superchorus here (too good!) with the Spatial Delay added to it. Nice panning echo.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)

Reverb FX

  M300 HALL   A hall with a stereo set of diffused pre-echoes, all filtered thru a warming Eq.
It's inspired to the shelf filter in the Lexicon 300 for its ability to work in a different way than the usual reverb hicut filter, adding a stronger character to the ambience.
Really good MPX reverb! Its verb algorithms come from the Lexicon 300, thru the PCM80/81.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  M300 PLATE   The pre-echoes here suggest a quite large Plate... still nicely warmed up by the post EQ.
Sounds great on lead tracks, instruments or vocal. Thick on a lead guitar solo!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  M300 LONG HALL   A dreamy space with long and repeating pre-echoes and final EQ tone shaping.
It's a large Hall with echoes you will play thru for hours, sparsely, enjoying a majestic and beautiful aura this reverb adds to your notes. The MPX at its best, here...
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DEEP BLUE   This Hall reverb is inherited from the PCM90/91 series. It has just the right amount of decay, space and warmth to process any and every source you can think of.
It adds a sweet ambience to the source, letting it breathe.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  RANDOM HALL   An interesting simulation of randomized delays in the reverb network. Here a stereo detuning is randomized, adding some chorusing to the verb... and the post-EQ warms things up a bit. Nice Hall with depth and width. It's musical character is the classic Lexicon warmth and spread you know about.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  REVERSE EKOVERB   A hybrid mix of gate and reverse reverb/delays. Interesting effect for special-fx and lead instruments or tracks.
Dramatic distant space with a good stereo spread for the soloist.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  SOLO HALL   Thick detuning in parallel to a beautiful hall reverb!
Any source will sound strong and focused thru this, lead or comping.
It's a very high quality preset with spread and space. Remove the pitch shifters and you'll hear how small it gets...
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  SPATIAL HALL   Nice simulation of the PCM series surround processor. The reverb and delays pan around your head, disappearing thru one side and poppin'up from the opposite one.
This has to be used in stereo to hear what these words try to explain.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  WIDE COMBHALL   A very lightly chorused stereo doubling in parallel to a medium size hall reverb. Great for all applications. Source sounds big and fat.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)

Delays FX

  CIRCULAR DLYS   The classic PCM70 preset ported to the youngest Boston based and made Lexicon.
This echo pans L/R/C and apparently sounds great on screaming leads. For you to find out...
Try incorporating this delay in other presets, adding chorus, reverb, EQ. It's a great building block.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  CIRCULAR CHORUSED   The Circular Dlys thru a multi-voice chorus, for a more complete effect than the original.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DIFFDLYS CHORUS   A thick stereo delay with diffusion gets chorused. The Chamber is inserted in the delays feedback path to add the smear to them.
Nice trick on the MPX for the classic Lexicon diffused delays effect.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DLYSCHORUS DIFFUSION   Here the Chorus is placed within the stereo delays feedback path and diffusion is applied after them.
Different routing of the same effects from the previous preset.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DETUNE & ECHO   Dual detuners live in the delays feedback paths, so each delays repetition is more detuned than the previous one.
Nice thick stereo echo with slightly offset time settings.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DYNDLY INTO DETUNE (and some PCM81 verb)   This dynamic delay has an EQ in its feedback path for better tonal shaping. The dual detuners follow and add thickness and pitch shifts.
You may need to adjust Delay Sense and Dly Rls parameters for a better ducking response to your gtr and rig levels. Check the Soft Row to get them quickly.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  LEXI CHOREKOS   A one of a kind combination of dual delays thru a stereo tremolo hitting stereo chorus. A ton of modulation!
Tap Tempo controls delays and tremolo rate here. Excellent stereo spread games thanks to tremolo and delays interactions.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  PCM DELAY   The comb sweeps inside the echo feedback path...
This will make the delay sound as being swept by a multi-tap, just like in the PCM 70 & 80.
Thus the strong phase changes across the repetitions. Neat trick for this baby Lexicon!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  PCM DELAYS   Chorus placed post delays. Sounds juicy and wide.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  PRIMETIME1 TT   Classic warm gigantic stereo delay. Sweet modulation inserted in the feedback path. Tap Tempo!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  PRIMETIME2 TT   Similar to PRIMETIME1 with a Dual Delays setting instead of a stereo one. Both PTIME TT presets sound great with distortion.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  SPECTRAL X-TAPS   Highly filtered cross taps delays bounce from the sides and overlap in the center. Interesting tonal and spatial effect.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)

Multi FX

  CHORUSPANDLY   A stereo chorus with a panning chorused delay.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  DETDLY|DEEPBLUE   Stereo detuner going thru stereo delay. A nicely warmed up Hall reverb is in parallel.
Great combo for modern clean sounds and lead instruments. Overdriven gtrs sound big!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  FLANGD X-TAPS   A spectacular cross-taps delay feeding a stereo flanger in parallel.
Those "in between" Strat pickups tones are gorgeous thru this one. For the rhythmic player!
Heavy tones work great too…
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  LIQUIDEKOVERB   Detuners dwell in the dual delays feedback path and reverb is parallel to them.
A slight flangy tone appears on the later repetitions of these delays... wrapped by a nice and warm Hall.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  MULTIFX 2   Stereo detuning and echoes also process a parallel reverb for a powerful multi-fx blend.
Sine1 and Cosine1 modulate the detuners pitch for a more chorusy effect.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  PAN ECHORUS (and PCM81 "A 480 Beauty")   This is stereo panning echorus in the classic Lexicon tradition. First heard on the mighty 224XL and later on the Pcm70. 2 sine waves pan the stereo channels.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  PCMDLY|DEEP BLUE   A PCM style mod_delay and a parallel nicely eq_ed Hall reverb set for the classic Pcm90/91 Deep Blue preset.
The chorus belongs to the delay feedback path and makes the echo thicker. Great on anything you put thru it.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  PTIME AND HALL   The PrimeTime delays with chorus in their feedback paths feed a Hall reverb in parallel.
Beautiful on chordal work and classic on lead tones. Try them out.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  RIG C>D/HALL   A classic gtr multi-fx with chorus/delay/reverb. Delay is post chorus and verb is fed by chorus in parallel.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  SHUFFLE X-TAPS   Flangy chorus feeds a cross-taps delay set to shuffle feel. A classic Pcm70 tone.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)


  DESERT GTR 2   Tremolo feeds cross-feedback delays into a high shelving filter. A Hall reverb is parallel to that.
The tremolo changes the delays attack and the simulated multi-head tape delay echoes create and intense and inspiring texture.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  EKOS>PLATE   Ported from my original series created on the PCM80/81.
Cross-feedback delays and a huge Plate reverb are in parallel and both post processed (summed) thru the Aerosol flanger.
Beautiful flanged clouds on attack_less sounds. Can work as a pad too.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  EKOS>PLATE 3   Echoes feed the Plate and both are summed thru the fast spinning chorus/vibrato.
Dark & mellow texture for many different sources.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  H3K UNDULATOR   The mighty Eventide H3000 UNDULATOR preset on your MPX-1!
This is a complex and alive dynamic effect... your signal energy increases the tremolo speed, which mangles the delays attacks.
All thru the mighty verb, finally diving into a panning-flangy-chorus.
Play your arpeggiated chords thru this and get wet!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  HIGH SKIES   Echoes of doom! Long delays with detuning in their feedback paths hit a parallel large Hall reverb.
Cute on cleans and strong on leads. Mighty!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  JIMI LADYLAND   The classic Hendrix panning flangy echo you hear all over "Electric Ladyland". A piece of rock guitar tones history.
A Hall reverb is also available if you want... set and ready to go... just push the REVERB key.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  STRATOSPHERE PIANO   This is about heights and spaces!
The mighty Plate hits cross-feedback long delays, creating the pad. All feed a parallel stereo detuner to add pitch and flangy colors.
Detuner pitch is swept by a sine wave for more interesting action. Absolutely stunning on chords and epic on leads! OMG!!!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  STRATOSPHERE   The same preset as "STRATOSPHERE PIANO" used on guitar.
Instant spread detuned space.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  TALESPINNIN'   A pad of waves agitating in space and pitch. Try chords first.
Single notes lines work great too but you need to lower the fx level for the right balance.
It's a beauty!
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)
  THE 9th PLANET   Paying homage to the discovery of the 9th planet in our galaxy...
Spacey long pad, sustaining chords after a swelling predelay.
(download aiff/stream mp3 @320k)