Italo de Angelis

Eventide and other stuff

This section is dedicated to my obsession for sounds!

I have been using digital effects processors for over 30 years. You name it, I tweaked it.

Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Boss, Lexicon, TC Electronic, Bel, Eventide, Rocktron, Electrix, Alesis, Line 6, Digitech, Ensoniq... Having been Eventideʼs algorithm engineer for almost a decade, I pride myself to be the sonic father of the H8000, even though many of my algorithms are available on many other fine units too, such as the DSP7000/7500, the mighty ORVILLE, the ECLIPSE and the H7600.

I have about 10000 algorithms on my hard disks... and most of them are... not out yet! I wish somebody could show an active and listening interest for them as thereʼs a lot to develop some interesting products for the market... with a new vision.

One of the most interesting aspects in creating algorithms on an open platform such as the Eventide H8000 is the possibility to re_create or emulate older analog and digital technologies.

Other fine works are the MIDI VIRTUAL RACKS, algorithms with full blown FX units in a rack, with all parameters remoted by a single master tweak... capable of storing 10 different versions of all settings.... in a single preset! There is much more too...

Some of these works and more things from my audio world, related to Eventide and other fine units, will be added to this page, from time to time.

Feel free to listen to/download any file available here and contact me with your feedback and ideas. I will appreciate your opinion very much.


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